Sample List of Prospective Courses

1. Latin American and Caribbean Thought (undergraduate survey)

2. Liberation Philosophy: History, Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics (graduate seminar)

3. Women of Color, Transnational, and Decolonial Feminisms (undergraduate seminar)

4. Towards a Decolonial Philosophy of Religion (undergraduate seminar)

Courses Taught

1. Spring 2018: Latino Literature and Culture (200 level undergraduate survey)

2. Fall 2017: Intro to World Literature – Border Crossers (100 level undergraduate survey)

3. Spring 2017: Intro to Mythology – The Myth(s) of Modernity (200 level undergraduate survey)

4. Fall 2016: Short Fiction – Global Colonialities in Relation (100 level undergraduate survey)

IMG_20170425_161243877 (2)
Spring 2017, on Frantz Fanon